Logline: On the eve of nuclear war, mobster Rob Shaw is brought to a remote bunker by his estranged father. He learns that the world as he knows it will soon cease to exist and he must adapt to a new basic existence. But when a gang of violent survivors take control of the bunker the skills from Rob's criminal past become very useful.  



Mobster Rob Shaw recieves a cryptic message from his sister demanding he drive to a remote countryside. Assuming she is in trouble he drives immediately to coordinates sent to him. 


He arrives at a remote farmhouse and is met by his estranged father Jim who reveals he is part of a global network of government insiders who have predicted an imminent nuclear war. Rob is taken down to a bunker beneath the farmhouse but rejects what he is told and immediately tries to leave just as a massive nuclear exchange takes place.


Rob struggles to accept his bleak new reality, trapped in a bunker with a family he barely knows, but when a violent gang takes control of the compound and impose their will on him and the family the skills of Rob's criminal past soon become invaluable in the fight to retain control of the bunker.


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