Logline: On the eve of nuclear war, wealthy loner Rob Shaw escapes to a remote bunker after a bizarre tip off from his estranged father. He must adapt and survive in a bleak and dangerous post apocalyptic world with a family he barely knows.



Wealthy loner Rob Shaw has his world turned upside down when his estranged sister appears at his door demanding he drop everything and travel with her family to their father’s remote farmhouse. Warning him that if he doesn’t, he won’t live beyond the next 24 hours. She insists all will become clear once they make their journey.


As soon as they arrive, Rob’s father who he hasn’t seen in twenty years, reveals he is part of a global network of experts that have predicted imminent nuclear apocalypse. In order to survive, his father has built a subterranean compound in preparation. Rob instantly tries to leave, but just as he does, a massive nuclear exchange takes place.


Rob struggles to accept the reality of his new life, trapped in a compound with a family he barely knows, but he soon becomes locked in a greater struggle when an anarchic gang take control of the compound and impose their will on him and his family.

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