Terence Maynard - Producer (Catalyst)

Terence studied directing for many years and learnt from some of the best directors in the business after working directly with them during his many lead acting roles. Specifically Doug Liman on "EDGE OF TOMORROW, Guy Ritchie on "REVOLVER", Andy Cadiff on "CHASING LIBERTY" & "A BUNCH OF AMATEURS" and Joss Agnew on "YOUNG DRACULA". All of them passing on a huge amount of directing knowledge to Terence.

Terence's TV and Film experience equates to over 1500 hours of screened and aired material. He is currently playing the role of Tony Stewart in Coronation Street but will leave the show in October and put all is attention into Catalyst.

Terence has appeared in over forty nine TV shows and eight feature films such as:- "EDGE OF TOMORROW" alongside Tom Cruise, "THE DEADLY GAME", "A BUNCH OF AMATEURS" with Burt Reynolds, Guy Ritchie's "REVOLVER" where he played opposite Ray Liotta, Harper in "CHASING LIBERTY", Rev. Campbell in "AN ANGEL FOR MAY", Gideon in "REIGN OF FIRE" for Disney Films, David Geha in "TERROR AT THE MALL" for Warner Brothers and Keith in "LADYBIRD". Terence also appeared in leading roles in over a dozen theatre productions in the West End of London.

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